Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty & Glamour on The Spiritual Path

Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Doesn't seem to have a place in Spirituality

Before The Summer Solstice,

I asked My Sisters to share a favorite Makeup
or Beauty tip.
After several puzzled looks,Someone said,
"Aren't We supposed to be learning about the Goddess"
Another remarked How we should not support
A system which determines a Woman's value

on the basis of looks.
All good points, BUT -
Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Play a part in Ritual, Spirituality.
In My tradition,

We bathe in scented Waters,
Anoint feet with perfumes.
Eyes are rimmed with powders,
Beautiful silken gowns,Fit for a Goddess are worn.

Many aspects of the Goddess
Honor Beauty, Glamour.

We pay respects with offerings of perfume,
Mirrors, Gold, Silver, even Silk.

Among their many attributes,
Beauty. Glamour.


By Goddess standards does not mean
One must be a size 4 or have perfect skin.
It does mean Honoring

Who you are.
It means paying reverence to the Great Mother.
We are her Daughters
So, put on a silken robe or gown
Wash your hair with lavender scented water
Embrace All things Beautiful.
Beauty, is our birthright

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hierophant, A Matter of Tradition

Ferol Humphrey posed the following question
on Her Living Tarot page -
Using tarot ,
Ask Who I was/Who I am?
And so I did.

One of the cards came up "The Hierophant"
The Hierophant-
Wise Man, High priest
Spiritual Advisor, Teacher

Sometimes a bit rigid

Oops, This is who I was?
The exercise brought to light many issues
I had been contemplating.
You see, I am a traditionalist.
The Spiritual Path I follow
is rich in traditions.
Goddess, Earth Centered and
Yes, traditional.
My partner, A practicing Palero
Also follows a very traditional path.

Pagan paths are rich in traditions.
Ancient traditions such as the Druids,
Isian Mystery traditions ,
Palo Mayombe,
Rosicrucians, etc -
to newer paths, such as Gerald Gardner's Wicca ;
All embrace tradition.
Which brings to light an issue.
Today, Many define Paganism as
"Do whatever".

What is the actual definition of Paganism?
There is no one true answer,
other than perhaps a nature based
So today,
Being a Pagan means any number of things.
"Eclectic pagan" is a favorite term.
I do what I like, take a bit of this,
Add a dash of that & I'm a pagan.
One from column A, 2 from column B
This is not a Chinese restaurant.
Paganism may not be defined by the more
conventional religions,
but pagan religions or practices
do have their traditions.

Many elders in the pagan community
Are taking a step back.
Waiting for the dust to settle.
All the while
following Our Traditions
Sharing what is to be shared among initiates.
Respecting & learning from other traditions
Always honoring Our own.
Yes, We get a "feel" for something.
Yes, We should add our own spin & make it
uniquely ours,
But we must also honor tradition.

I am the Hierophant.
I shall remain bound by My traditions,
Happy to do so...
But I will remember
Not to be too "rigid" when viewing
others along the pagan path.

Tradition is a guide, not a jailer
- William Somerset Maugham

May you look upon your traditions with reverence

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ankh

I breath life
Into that

Which I desire
For thy breath is sacred

I breathe life
Into that
Which is to be healed
For thy breath is sacred

I breath life
Into that
Which I create
For I am
The daughter of The Great Mother

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Reading: Scorpio 20

I pulled a Sabian symbol
Asking, "What message can I share for the eclipse?"

Scorpio 20 : A Woman Drawing 2 Dark Curtains Aside
Keyword: Daring

In a literal sense, The Earth casts Her Shadow
darkening The Moon.
Are you Daring?
Are you willing to use this time to illuminate
things in your life?
To listen to the messages along you path?
Are you willing to look into the unknown?
Are you willing to take a risk, make a change?
A you willing to go after your dream?

Magick, Messages & The Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse will occur Wednesday 6/15/11.
There are many different views about the eclipse..
Should You or shouldn't you perform magick?
Is it a good omen or bad?
What does the energy bring?
What exactly IS a Lunar Eclipse?
The Eclipse occurs when there is an alignment
between the sun, the earth & the moon.
The Moon passes behind the Earth.
During the Eclipse we see all the phases of Moon.
The obvious choice would be to focus on
The energies of the Moon -
After all, Each phase is apparent to us..
But obvious is not always best..
You see the keyword here is Alignment.
The Sun, The Moon, The Earth

When something is aligned or coordinated
it creates specific results.
The Sun, creates
The Earth, grounds
The Moon, illuminates
Perhaps the best energy of the eclipse is to Align
your plans.
Focus on what you would like to create
Contemplate what needs firming up, grounding
See what the best course of action is.
Use this time to be inactive -
To Plan your future course of action.
Use this time wisely.

Perhaps the Stars hold a message
For all of us.
The Sky is aligning,
Not once but 3 times since June 1st..
The greatest alignment of Our lifetime
is yet to come.
Look to the stars..
Listen for your message.
Magick of this kind is not offered everyday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And She said
Leave no traces
of your adoration,
For others shall follow
Your path
SHE who is the Sun
SHE who is the Moon
SHE who is the Stars
SHE who is the creatrix
Of all there is

We who reside

Within HER womb
Honor HER

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Magician - Jack of All Trades

A lovely woman came for a reading.
The big issue that appeared was business/finance.
She had several businesses but was unable to generate
sustainable income.
"I'm currently working on My healthy lifestyle cookbook,
I teach Yoga, I'm a Reiki practitioner and I..."
Whoa, Stop right there -
The cards had already shown us
She had too many things going on, but
She wasn't understanding.
"Focus on the problem & without looking pull 1 card"
The "Magician"
Now the magician at first glance doesn't appear to be a
The magician can make manifest whatever they choose to.
Or do they?
The magician is full of Gemini energy.
Fleet footed, mercurial Gemini.
Gemini, with it's whirlwind of activity isn't
known for it's staying power.
Gemini can do a dozen different things.
Gemini has a marvelous capacity for learning...
But Gemini doesn't stick around long enough
to "master" what they've learned.
I bet you thought this post was going to be about Tarot?
It's not.
A little trickster energy from Gemini's ruler, Mercury..
This post is about being Authentic.
Be Authentic.
Know WHO you are.
Know what you CAN do & excel at it.
Don't travel a path because others do.
Don't live your life as others expect.
We can learn many skills to take us through life.
In fact, It serves us well to do so.
But if We are to succeed
We must find the skill, talent, or vocation
That serves us well & master it.
The truth of the Magician is
Mastery = Manifestation
Otherwise, We'll end up a Jack of All Trades,
Master of None

Friday, June 3, 2011

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There's one in every Italian Family...We love that word..
"Hey, That Guys a real Miserabe"...We joke about it,
But the fact is - No one likes a Miserabe.

We all know a Miserabe.
They're the person constantly complaining.
They always have some ache or pain...
They hate their job. They hate their family.
They talk about people, in a negative manner.
A Miserabe is lacking.

They don't have abundance.
Means many things, comes in many forms...

Abundance of Health.
Abundance of Joy, Love,
Yes, even finances...
If the Miserabe learned to see the abundance in their life,

Life would change for them.
For Like attracts like.
We are not all meant to be rich,
We may not all find that "perfect" love,

Perhaps We may not land that idyllic job,
But Each One of Us is meant to have an Abundance of Joy,
You just have to figure out "where" to look.

May you always know Abundance

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eclipse reading : Libra 11

With Thanks to Elsie Wheeler & Marc Edmund Jones,
Creators of the Sabian Symbols;
I pulled a Sabian symbol for a message regarding today's Partial Solar Eclipse.
I asked, "What message can I share with others regarding today's eclipse?

Libra 11 - A Professor peering over His Glasses

Keyword: Specialization
Use this time to go within.

Focus. Meditate.
The Mind/logic vs Intuition -
Combined with today's Gemini energy - "Think"!

"Specialization" is defined as focusing on a particular
area of work, study or activity.

Narrow your focus!