Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty & Glamour on The Spiritual Path

Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Doesn't seem to have a place in Spirituality

Before The Summer Solstice,

I asked My Sisters to share a favorite Makeup
or Beauty tip.
After several puzzled looks,Someone said,
"Aren't We supposed to be learning about the Goddess"
Another remarked How we should not support
A system which determines a Woman's value

on the basis of looks.
All good points, BUT -
Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Play a part in Ritual, Spirituality.
In My tradition,

We bathe in scented Waters,
Anoint feet with perfumes.
Eyes are rimmed with powders,
Beautiful silken gowns,Fit for a Goddess are worn.

Many aspects of the Goddess
Honor Beauty, Glamour.

We pay respects with offerings of perfume,
Mirrors, Gold, Silver, even Silk.

Among their many attributes,
Beauty. Glamour.


By Goddess standards does not mean
One must be a size 4 or have perfect skin.
It does mean Honoring

Who you are.
It means paying reverence to the Great Mother.
We are her Daughters
So, put on a silken robe or gown
Wash your hair with lavender scented water
Embrace All things Beautiful.
Beauty, is our birthright


  1. Love this! The Goddess comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and beauty, and there's no reason we can't honor the beauty of being a woman and the various ways of adornment.

  2. Awesomeness =} You deserve a virtual cookie. I view make up as fun and something to do when bored and looking for something to jazz yourself up. Job interview, put on some make up. Night out with good friends, put on some make up. Totally bored in the middle of the night before you have kids and figure out sleeping is awesome, put on some make up and take photos. =}

  3. I love this post. Very inspirational! Blessings! ~)O(~