Thursday, May 27, 2010

Divination Magick

There are as many forms of divination
as there are practitioners
Tarot, Runes, I-Ching
Tea leaves, pendulums & are but a few.

Scrying is one of my favorite methods.
Scrying is the practice of using a reflective surface
to aid in our ability to "see' and receive psychic messages.

Scrying can be done with a Crystal ball
A bowl of water or a special mirror.
Many use a "black" mirror which can be easily made
or purchased.
I have always used an ordinary mirror or a bowl of water.
If you can learn to scry with an ordinary mirror,
I recommend it.

It is important to cleanse your scrying tools.
The Full Moon not only affords us a
wonderful opportunity for divination magick
But it is always a wonderful time to "cleanse"
your tools under Lady Moons silver light!

I offer this Divination Wash,
May it help those who seek find their answers

Divination Wash/Tea

Boil Water. Blend Herbs together in bowl.
Pour the water over herbs and let steep.
Strain herbs and use liquid as a wash for your
scrying tools.
Liquid can also be added to your bath or taken as a tea -
just use precautions please!

A pinch of Yarrow
A dash of Mugwort
A smattering of Lemon Balm
3 Bay Leaves
A Sprinkle of Thyme
A Pinch of Damiana

Divination Charm

If The Lady's Wisdom
One does truly seek
The words shall come
One need not speak
Open thy heart and one shall hear
Thy Lady's word
Her meaning clear
-Intuitive Goddess
Divination, Truth under the Full Moon

Divination- The practice/art of foretelling future
events or discovering hidden knowledge

Divination is an art each of us can learn.
It is learning to connect with Spirit.
It is learning to hear our inner wisdom.
If we learn to use it properly,
it can bring us many gifts.
Divination brings choice.
It brings Hope & guidance.
Divination is Not always going to bring
what we want to hear
But if used wisely, it will show
what we need to find our truths.

Truth of Spirit is something each
must seek for themselves
Truth of the Journey
Is a path each must travel
on one's own
Truth of the Heart
Must be filled with joy
in the living

May you use the magick of the Full Moon to seek your truth

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spell for Peace/Harmony

Sometimes we experience discord
in the workplace or at home.
Sometimes a clash of personalities seems inevitable.
I offer this spell to help bring
a little Harmony into the situation.
As with all the Spells I offer,
it is up to you to make it your own,
for that is where Real Magick comes from.

Light Blue Candle
Fresh flowers - White Carnations or Lilacs are best
Lavender cloth or charm bag
Herbs - Basil, Lavender, Rose Petals, chamomile
Crystal - blue lace agate, rose quartz,

turquoise, Spirit quartz are some
excellent choices

Prepare your candle.
Place flowers on altar as an offering.
Place the herbs and the cloth or bag next to candle -
Some of the herb mixture will be sprinkled

around the home or work space the following day,
so grinding them in a mortar & pestle is
Your option.
After cleansing the Crystal - Plain cold running water is best;
Hold the crystal and focus your intent.
Place crystal on altar with the herbs.
Say your petition. Leave herbs, crystal overnight.
The following day, Sprinkle some of the herbs

around the home or area of discord.
Place remaining herbs in cloth or bag

& keep in the area that needs positive energy.
You can carry the crystal on you

or keep in the bag with herbs.

I offer this simple charm:

By the Wood of Lilac Tree
A peaceful Home I ask of Thee
Waxing Light of Lady's Moon
I seek Thy help for this, Thy boon

The Magick of Harmony

We look to manifest many things
in our lives.
Money, Romance, Friendships
New Car, New Job
But how often do we seek to manifest harmony?
Without Harmony we are out of balance.
We are constantly seeking to find the "Thing"
which will bring happiness, but happiness

comes from the soul.
The Soul seeks peace, love -
The soul seeks to be in Harmony.

As a people
We need to live in Harmony with Mother Earth.
As individuals
We need Harmony in our homes, our relationships,
our lives
Without peaceful co-existence
in the workplace or our home,
We can never truly know abundance.

If we learn to manifest Harmony in our lives
Then we can manifest all manner of magick

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon arrives with the
magick of beginnings.
Hope. Fresh starts.
Plans are made,
A new cycle of magick begins

Fixed, Earthy, Patient
A Taurus moon is an

opportunity for abundance.
To focus on finances, money, property.
We learn from Taurus.
Slow & Steady. Patience is it's virtue.
But Taurus also carries with it

the lessons of
Harmony. Peace.

If we do not have harmony in our lives,
then the smallest most insignificant

matters take on importance.
They become magnified,
adding to the atmosphere of discontent.
Maybe the most important lesson

we can learn from Taurus
is to create harmony -
In our homes, in our lives.
For without harmony,

we can never truly have abundance

May we manifest an abundance of Harmony in our lives

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway

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May The Goddess smile upon you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wishing All A Happy Mothers Day

If you have not entered the giveaway,
you have until tommorrow noon to do so.

Winner will be drawn tommorrow.
Honoring The Sacred

Mothers day
Neither looked upon as a religious
or spiritual observance.
Yet for me, it is a time to honor the Sacred Feminine.

Isis/Aset Hecate
Mary Demeter Danu
It does not matter what name She is given
Nor does it matter how each individual perceives Her
What does matter is that we Honor Her.

Great Mother
Creator, Protector
She brings life and She awaits us in death

She is with us
She is a part of our being
It is our birth right

On Mothers Day take a few moments
Light a candle
For Ourselves, Our Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters
We are The Goddess
Honor that which is Sacred, Feminine

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A few years ago, while working as a chef
I was assigned a position working

for a Catholic Charity.
More specifically for Nuns.

The sisters were lovely to work for.
I would oversee their meals,

the school lunch programs,
the retirement home and charity events.
My relationship with the Sisters was a comfortable one.
They knew of my beliefs.

They never tried to change them.
In fact, on several occasions I was asked to

"Read" for fundraising events.
Yet, oftentimes I felt disconnected. I didn't belong.

One afternoon, walking the grounds;

I came across a lovely garden.
Secret, Hidden, almost forgotten.
Wandering amongst the roses & lilacs, I saw
A statue of Mary.
I was drawn to her.
The Goddess was here, in this garden.
Thereafter I would visit almost daily.
Sometimes leaving flowers.
Here amongst a faith I had no connection to,
I found Her.
Mary. The great mother. She of a thousand Names.
It does not matter what name She is called by
It only matters that we call Her,
It only matters that we honor Her
Each in our own way.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Giveaway Reminder

To honor the Great Mother,
I am giving an Isis Reading to the winner -
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To participate, Please be a follower of
My blog.
Post a word or two honoring the Great Mother
as you see her.
Drawing will be done on Mothers Day.

Mother goddess
She who is the land
Danu, She is the water

that flows through the land
The river Danube bears your name
Fertility, Abundance
Gifts from the Great Mother

She who brought forth the Tuatha De Danann
Goddess of the Fae
Bringing comfort, protection
Danu lifts the veil
Through the mists, her daughters know
the secrets of Father Shore