Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A few years ago, while working as a chef
I was assigned a position working

for a Catholic Charity.
More specifically for Nuns.

The sisters were lovely to work for.
I would oversee their meals,

the school lunch programs,
the retirement home and charity events.
My relationship with the Sisters was a comfortable one.
They knew of my beliefs.

They never tried to change them.
In fact, on several occasions I was asked to

"Read" for fundraising events.
Yet, oftentimes I felt disconnected. I didn't belong.

One afternoon, walking the grounds;

I came across a lovely garden.
Secret, Hidden, almost forgotten.
Wandering amongst the roses & lilacs, I saw
A statue of Mary.
I was drawn to her.
The Goddess was here, in this garden.
Thereafter I would visit almost daily.
Sometimes leaving flowers.
Here amongst a faith I had no connection to,
I found Her.
Mary. The great mother. She of a thousand Names.
It does not matter what name She is called by
It only matters that we call Her,
It only matters that we honor Her
Each in our own way.


  1. That's beautiful. My sister-in-law, a very strict Catholic, carries a statue of Mary around to the homes of parishioners who are ill...every Tuesday night for healing. But, you can't tell her Mary is a Goddess. Wouldn't even try. I just smile to myself when she tells me about it.

  2. Hail the Goddess in Her many guises! Lovely!

  3. Thank You for sharing that, Mary!
    Hmmm... You're name is not lost on me either....

  4. Evening Debra...
    You're posts are always most welcome here!

  5. It's really funny feeling...I was thinking about that recently and now i saw your post...I was thinking that Mary is a great symbol of feminity and could be considered as Goddess on her own (which is of course blaspheme according to catholic dogma).Hmm... we were thinking arround the same subject,lol!!!

  6. Thank you. I was raised Catholic but could not really connect until I looked at Mary and really thought about her. She is the Mother and I talk to her everyday. May is "Mary" month where the Catholic church is supposed to honor Mary. When I was growing up we had a Mary Alter in our house. I want to know why Mary got pushed to the side? There has to be a balance for God the Father. It's Mary our Mother.

  7. Nesca, Artworks - Thank you both for being a part of this blog.
    I think The "Mother" or Sacred feminine has
    got to be honored in this society - no matter how each of us see Her, as long as we see Her.
    It's time, don't you think?

  8. Thanks for telling that!! I grew up as a Catholic and Mary has always been my Goddess and she sits on my altar and many places in my home. What I love is that she shows herself in many forms throughout the world :)