Thursday, May 27, 2010

Divination Magick

There are as many forms of divination
as there are practitioners
Tarot, Runes, I-Ching
Tea leaves, pendulums & are but a few.

Scrying is one of my favorite methods.
Scrying is the practice of using a reflective surface
to aid in our ability to "see' and receive psychic messages.

Scrying can be done with a Crystal ball
A bowl of water or a special mirror.
Many use a "black" mirror which can be easily made
or purchased.
I have always used an ordinary mirror or a bowl of water.
If you can learn to scry with an ordinary mirror,
I recommend it.

It is important to cleanse your scrying tools.
The Full Moon not only affords us a
wonderful opportunity for divination magick
But it is always a wonderful time to "cleanse"
your tools under Lady Moons silver light!

I offer this Divination Wash,
May it help those who seek find their answers

Divination Wash/Tea

Boil Water. Blend Herbs together in bowl.
Pour the water over herbs and let steep.
Strain herbs and use liquid as a wash for your
scrying tools.
Liquid can also be added to your bath or taken as a tea -
just use precautions please!

A pinch of Yarrow
A dash of Mugwort
A smattering of Lemon Balm
3 Bay Leaves
A Sprinkle of Thyme
A Pinch of Damiana

Divination Charm

If The Lady's Wisdom
One does truly seek
The words shall come
One need not speak
Open thy heart and one shall hear
Thy Lady's word
Her meaning clear
-Intuitive Goddess


  1. Scrying has always intrigued me, but I've never tried it. Perhaps it's time!

  2. This entry really inspired me. I want to do MORE scrying ... tried it successfully a couple of years ago (had all sorts of images running through the scrying mirror I had made). I have just been focusing so much time reading Runes and Tarot and doing Pallomancy that I haven't spent any time w/the scrying mirror. THANKS FOR GETTING ME BACK ON TRACK!

  3. I'm with Debra. Intriguing but never done it.

  4. Debra, Now's the time... The magick of the Moon will surely light your way!

    Hello & Welcome Tami (Sun Tiger) & City Wiccan!
    Your posts are most welcome here!