Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spell for Peace/Harmony

Sometimes we experience discord
in the workplace or at home.
Sometimes a clash of personalities seems inevitable.
I offer this spell to help bring
a little Harmony into the situation.
As with all the Spells I offer,
it is up to you to make it your own,
for that is where Real Magick comes from.

Light Blue Candle
Fresh flowers - White Carnations or Lilacs are best
Lavender cloth or charm bag
Herbs - Basil, Lavender, Rose Petals, chamomile
Crystal - blue lace agate, rose quartz,

turquoise, Spirit quartz are some
excellent choices

Prepare your candle.
Place flowers on altar as an offering.
Place the herbs and the cloth or bag next to candle -
Some of the herb mixture will be sprinkled

around the home or work space the following day,
so grinding them in a mortar & pestle is
Your option.
After cleansing the Crystal - Plain cold running water is best;
Hold the crystal and focus your intent.
Place crystal on altar with the herbs.
Say your petition. Leave herbs, crystal overnight.
The following day, Sprinkle some of the herbs

around the home or area of discord.
Place remaining herbs in cloth or bag

& keep in the area that needs positive energy.
You can carry the crystal on you

or keep in the bag with herbs.

I offer this simple charm:

By the Wood of Lilac Tree
A peaceful Home I ask of Thee
Waxing Light of Lady's Moon
I seek Thy help for this, Thy boon


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. This is really a great I know I shall work with.

  2. You are most welcome!
    I know that you understand the magick of
    Lilac, a sacred wood!
    Enjoy it - May bring many blessings!