Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays - Why?

A while back I decided to get a reading.
I have a list of readers that I have long admired
& decided the time was right to treat myself.

I went through my list.
Some were far too pricey.
Some had no or limited availability.
Some geographically undesirable
Finally I made my choice.

I was excited.
I thought, "What an incredible experience this will be"
My reading arrived.
No bells, no whistles..
No names, no future predictions, even the present
was way off.
I was shocked

A while later I decided to try again.
I picked another "Tarot" reader I admired.
The reading progressed slowly...
I offered no info & the reader was grasping.
Nothing related to me.
Finally I began to speak, to interact.
The reading improved but wasn't at all what I had "expected".

Now I had always "labeled" myself a tarot reader.
But the fact is I'm not so much a tarot reader
as I am an Intuitive.
I am clairvoyant. clairaudient.
I love tarot and utilize it as a marvelous visual tool.
When I sit down to read someone
I see things, I hear things...
When I look at the cards, images dance & beckon
Suddenly I began to see the difference.
I understood when clients expressed their own disappointments
with readers.
The problem lies NOT with the readers but with the public's
understanding of readings.

Readers are not all the same.
Readings vary.
Some read Tarot,
working interactively with the client
to guide them in the present circumstances
Some provide life path counseling
Others use Oracle cards
And Yes, some of us are psychic
All serve a purpose, as long as the client understands
With understanding One gets results.

So, Why Tarot on Tuesdays?
To help people understand the different types of readings
After all, Not everyone likes Chocolate Ice Cream
To give people the opportunity to get to know different readers
With their different gifts
To say Thank You to The Goddess
For Blessing me with "sight"
For giving me work I love
For getting to know some wonderful women
May you get to know them too

Tarot on Tuesdays

This Tuesdays reader is... Intuitive Goddess (Me)
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yesterday I decided to do something a bit different..
I pulled a card & see what the message was
for all the "Black Friday" & Holiday weekend shoppers...
Now I fully expected to pull a card like the Seven of Cups,
and get a message of choices, decisions.
Perhaps the Devil, to represent
Our preoccupation with Material goods...
Then I pulled the card -
Knight of Cups!

At first I was surprised. Caught off guard.
Knight of Cups.
Opportunity, Invitation.
Hmmm... Not quite the message I thought.
Ok, The knight Is a bit of a dreamer, not always
making practical choices, so the obvious message
would be to remind people to use logic
& thought when making purchases.
Sometimes in the mad rush, we fail to do just

Then I saw it. The Fish.
The knight's vest held the message.
Fish are symbolic of many things.
The Fish carries a message of Spirit,
for many religious traditions
and many cultures.
The Fish, for Christians is a symbol of Christ.
What then could be more appropriate?
The message had made itself clear.

For whether you are out shopping this weekend
in preparation of Christmas,
Yule, Chanukah or any other tradition,
Remember "Why" you celebrate the season.
In your quest to find your perfect gifts
Remember Why you celebrate.
Remember this is a time of thankfulness,
Of gratitude
Of honor
These things are not found
wrapped up in a pretty package
tied in ribbon
These things can not be bought at Macy's or Best Buy
Our love can not be measured by how much time we spend
standing on line, pushing our way through crowds.

That is the true message the Knight of Cups brings.
Love, sometimes overlooked
Love is the Holy Grail
Love is the gift we give best
As the Beatles once said,
"Love is all you need"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving - Honoring the Land

As a child in school I remember hearing
of the pilgrims & the "first" Thanksgiving...
Over the years I have heard much debate

over the origins of Thanksgiving.
Now, I am no historian but some things I do know.
I know that however it began,

Thanksgiving was a celebration
of the harvest.
A Thank You to Mother earth for Her bounty .
A Thank you to God/Spirit for providing

I know that George Washington first declared it a
day of Nationwide celebration. This is His proclamation,
recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

Today there is separation of church & state.
Today we complicate things.
Today we often forget the roots of Thanksgiving.
For those early people, whether Pilgrim,
Native American, Canadian or Spaniard ;
they were grateful.
They honored the land, first and foremost.
They honored "God"
For providing through the Winter season,
For giving them a place to practice their religious beliefs.

For Me,
I am Grateful each day for the gifts of The Great Mother
I am Grateful for the land I walk upon

I am grateful that I can wear my pentacle publicly
& not fear religious persecution.
Yes, we as a people have far to go
But today, I am grateful.

I offer these words...
This Thanksgiving may we remember this truth
Mother Earth does not belong to us, we are
a part of the land.

"One does not sell the land people walk on." ..
Crazy Horse, Sept. 23, 1875

Tarot on Tuesdays

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Her Moon approaches..
In this Dark Season I raise Thy power

Hecate's Moon

The Full moon arrives on Sunday
Hecate's Moon
This is the season of the Dark Mother

Hecate's torch lights the way
Guiding us through the coming of the Winter months
Her torches
Our hopes, dreams
Illuminating Our path

Queen of Witches
She guides our magick
She guides our visions

Her power rises within Her daughters,
This night
We honor Her flame
We work with Her fire

Use this Moon to honor the Magicks of Hecate
Work with the element of Fire.
Whether it be scrying by candlelight,
Working a spell in a Fire Cauldron or
Simply lighting a candle
Honor the Queen of Witches by Honoring
The Witch Within

May The Goddess always light your way

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

Interested in a free reading?
I know, we all like a freebie now & then...

IntuitiveGoddess on FB is giving a free reading every Tuesday.
Why? To give back & be in service to My Lady.
To promote some of my sisters & fellow readers
To show that We in the Pagan community do NOT
have to participate in a pissing contest amongst ourselves.

Yes, I will be reading but joining me...

Althea, fairyguidemother
Althea has the most enchanting way of communicating
with the Fey. Let Her guide you & enjoy a giggle or two!

Robin Linke of Balanced Healing Arts
Robin is a Reiki Master, Specializing in energy work

We each have a different style. Some use Oracles, Some tarot,
Sometimes we just use our psychic ability.

Please join us & support some wonderful Ladies!
Questions must be posted to the wall by Monday 6PM
Please remember - The reading will also be posted there.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Devotion to Hecate

I am your daughter
In saffron & midnight sky
I kneel before The Great Mother
Three candles burn upon Her altar

Three stones I do wear
The stone of the Dark Mother
She who protects
The stone of Her Lifeblood
She who creates
The stone of Her Moon
She who is the light guiding our path

I am your priestess
I ask that I may walk the path of the ancient ones
Wise Ones
Priestesses who came before me
I ask that I may serve you with honor
To remain humble in thy service
I am your voice
For those who seek your guidance
I listen with my heart
To hear your words

For I am your daughter

Monday, November 8, 2010

True Power

True Power comes in a whisper
It need not be announced.
True power can neither be taught,
Nor bought
True power is the silent strength
Of a lifetimes wisdom
Of lessons learned
For those who hold true power
Need never brag or speak of it.
True power is gentle,
Yet can yield a fury equal to Nature Herself
When need be.
True power stands back and observes
Watching those with claims of power
Flounder around foolishly
Never to know true power.
For true power can not be obtained
True power lives within One's soul