Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yesterday I decided to do something a bit different..
I pulled a card & see what the message was
for all the "Black Friday" & Holiday weekend shoppers...
Now I fully expected to pull a card like the Seven of Cups,
and get a message of choices, decisions.
Perhaps the Devil, to represent
Our preoccupation with Material goods...
Then I pulled the card -
Knight of Cups!

At first I was surprised. Caught off guard.
Knight of Cups.
Opportunity, Invitation.
Hmmm... Not quite the message I thought.
Ok, The knight Is a bit of a dreamer, not always
making practical choices, so the obvious message
would be to remind people to use logic
& thought when making purchases.
Sometimes in the mad rush, we fail to do just

Then I saw it. The Fish.
The knight's vest held the message.
Fish are symbolic of many things.
The Fish carries a message of Spirit,
for many religious traditions
and many cultures.
The Fish, for Christians is a symbol of Christ.
What then could be more appropriate?
The message had made itself clear.

For whether you are out shopping this weekend
in preparation of Christmas,
Yule, Chanukah or any other tradition,
Remember "Why" you celebrate the season.
In your quest to find your perfect gifts
Remember Why you celebrate.
Remember this is a time of thankfulness,
Of gratitude
Of honor
These things are not found
wrapped up in a pretty package
tied in ribbon
These things can not be bought at Macy's or Best Buy
Our love can not be measured by how much time we spend
standing on line, pushing our way through crowds.

That is the true message the Knight of Cups brings.
Love, sometimes overlooked
Love is the Holy Grail
Love is the gift we give best
As the Beatles once said,
"Love is all you need"


  1. Lovely interpretation! Thanks for sharing the message you received from the Knight. :)

  2. This is great! what a good reading and thoughtful reminder. Thanks!

  3. Thank You both!
    May your holiday season be filled with love!