Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

Interested in a free reading?
I know, we all like a freebie now & then...

IntuitiveGoddess on FB is giving a free reading every Tuesday.
Why? To give back & be in service to My Lady.
To promote some of my sisters & fellow readers
To show that We in the Pagan community do NOT
have to participate in a pissing contest amongst ourselves.

Yes, I will be reading but joining me...

Althea, fairyguidemother
Althea has the most enchanting way of communicating
with the Fey. Let Her guide you & enjoy a giggle or two!

Robin Linke of Balanced Healing Arts
Robin is a Reiki Master, Specializing in energy work

We each have a different style. Some use Oracles, Some tarot,
Sometimes we just use our psychic ability.

Please join us & support some wonderful Ladies!
Questions must be posted to the wall by Monday 6PM
Please remember - The reading will also be posted there.

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