Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Energetically Cleaning - DIY Salt Scrub

Cleaning one's self "Energetically"  is one of the
most important things We can do for ourselves.
We shower or bath because well,
We don't want to smell bad - but
it's also for our health.

We all know it's good practice to wash our hands
frequently especially during cold season.
We wash away the germs that could make us sick.
It's a "preventive" practice.

Energetically Speaking, it's important to cleanse
& practice preventive measures.
When we are exposed to negative energy
whether our own or someone else's,
it can affect our emotional & physical well being.
Negativity lingers.
It can create depression, lethargy, even feelings of
malaise.  We become more vulnerable & that vulnerability
can lead to physical symptoms.

Adding energetic cleansing to one's "health" regime is
a good practice.
There are many different ways. White Sage or another
type of smudge, Reiki, baths, etc.
Salt is one of My personal favorite ways to "cleanse"
Optimum times for a Salt Scrub :
Before going to Bed
During the Waning Moon
Whenever You are feeling in a funk!   

DIY Salt Scrub

1/2  Cup Coarse grain Sea Salt
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 tsp lemon juice
Lemon Rind - optional
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil.

Place Sea Salt in a small bowl or clean (sterile) jar.               

Add 1 tsp of Lemon Juice to the Olive Oil.
Stir.  It won't mix completely but don't worry about that!
Add the Olive Oil to the Sea Salt & stir.
(I like to use chop sticks )
Now add the Lavender Essential Oil & stir again.
* You can add a dash of Lemon Rind

You can adjust this basic recipe, by adding other fresh herbs -
Rosemary is a good choice.
You can also adjust the amount oil oil in proportion
to the salt.
I find this to formula to work for me. You may prefer less oil
or more. The bottom line is getting the cleansing energy...
Plus, Your skin will feel really nice.
*Whatever You do - Don't use on an open wound, scratch or scrape
It will burn like heck!



Friday, February 14, 2014

Love IS Divine

I Don't Read Romance Novels,
Not a fan of movies like The Notebook.
Some people will think perhaps,
She's not Romantic.
Some might say I'm too practical.
They may be right but -
I believe in Love.

I believe in Love.
In it's most Divine form.
In it's Passion.
In it's gentleness.

I love with a fierceness,
A protectiveness,  
A Devotion.
I love with Loyalty,
With Sadness,
With Joy.

There are those who have come
and gone,
Who I have loved & will always.
Family, no longer with me -
Yet they linger
Waiting for just the right memory.
Gone from My path.
Still I remember laughter, tears, hugs.
Some have come
and gone. Barely a memory.
Some who I can Never forget.
The One who never could Be,
The One who was,
The One who Is.

The Divine.
When all is said and done,
My deepest love shall remain,
The Goddess.
For in the End,
It is SHE who shall cradle me in Her arms,
and carry Me home.

I Believe in Love.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Goddess Trumps Tarot

Humility is acknowledging something far greater then ourselves.

I believe in The Goddess,
The Great Mother.
Make that - I acknowledge the Goddess.
There is no doubt in that statement.
I know the Divine Feminine exists.

Yesterday, Standing in My kitchen when
suddenly I hear "Seahawks".
Now I have NO interest in football.
I may get caught up in the excitement of a local
team making it, but in all reality - I just don't care.
So I asked My partner, "Who is in the Superbowl?"
Sure enough - Seahawks.
Naturally I told him.  I don't think He was impressed,lol.
I'm not sure why I thought this was at all important
but I posted it.

By now, You know the Seahawks won. Kind of a blowout.
I can across all sorts of post from people using Tarot.
People using Tarot to pick the winner. A few got it right.
Most didn't.
About now, You may be wondering
WHY I'm even mentioning this.
If You're a Tarot Reader you may be feeling annoyance.
Please don't.
I do have a point. It's not about ego either.

Spirit. The Divine.
We can pull all the cards We want.
We can toss Runes, Shells.
We can read Tea leaves.
The bottom line is, the Truth comes from
The Divine.
The Goddess. God. The Sacred.
Isis. Hecate. Buddha.
However you recognize the Divine.
It is that connection that provides the truth.

When I post a message and it comes
to fruition,  I get excited. Elated.
Not because of My own ego, as some
mistakenly believe.
It is a confirmation of The Divine.
The Sacred Feminine.
I will shout it.
I will continue to spread the word of
The Great Mother Goddess.

Tarot, or any other form of Divination
Is nothing without Spirit.
To quote Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland -
'You're nothing but a pack of cards!'
In Your heart, if You believe in The Sacred Feminine
You know this truth

Goddess Trumps Tarot.