Friday, February 14, 2014

Love IS Divine

I Don't Read Romance Novels,
Not a fan of movies like The Notebook.
Some people will think perhaps,
She's not Romantic.
Some might say I'm too practical.
They may be right but -
I believe in Love.

I believe in Love.
In it's most Divine form.
In it's Passion.
In it's gentleness.

I love with a fierceness,
A protectiveness,  
A Devotion.
I love with Loyalty,
With Sadness,
With Joy.

There are those who have come
and gone,
Who I have loved & will always.
Family, no longer with me -
Yet they linger
Waiting for just the right memory.
Gone from My path.
Still I remember laughter, tears, hugs.
Some have come
and gone. Barely a memory.
Some who I can Never forget.
The One who never could Be,
The One who was,
The One who Is.

The Divine.
When all is said and done,
My deepest love shall remain,
The Goddess.
For in the End,
It is SHE who shall cradle me in Her arms,
and carry Me home.

I Believe in Love.

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