Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Morgaine & The Magick of Glamoury

What exactly is it?
For the Celtic people Glamoury was Spell Work
Glamoury was the weaving of a spell
Over time it has gotten away from it's roots.
Often associated with Morgaine

Goddess, Queen
She is known by many names and many magicks
Among Her arts

Healing,Divination & Shapeshifting.

Shape shifting
The art of illusion.
Morgaine, Warrior Queen
Who used Her powers of Glamoury
To win battles for Her people
Shape shifting
The art of seeing

Through the eyes of another
To shape shift into an animal,

is to see how they see
To learn from their wisdom
To share in their knowledge
To become One with

Shape shifting is NOT

What one sees in Hollywood movies
Glamoury is NOT about changing one's eye color.
Shape shifting is a meditative state, astral travel
By today's definition Glamoury no longer means
The weaving of a Spell
Today it has come to mean

a particular form of Spell work

Let us Honor Morgaine
Let us learn Her truth
She has given Her people the Magick of Glamoury
It is the magick of Wisdom,
Hidden Knowledge

& Perhaps Her greatest gift for us -
For what we believe is the Art of illusion
Is in reality, The Magick of Confidence
May you be blessed with the magick of confidence

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morgaine / Morgan Le Fay

Sea Goddess
Queen of the Fey
Glamorgan, Her sacred land

Keeper of Chalice Well
She who holds the key to ancient secrets
Great Queen

She who lifts the veil

For those Who chose to see
Nine be Her priestesses
Three times three

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gypsy, What's in a magickal name?

My mothers family came from Egypt.
They were wealthy, educated
They were the "elite"
Why they left their beloved Egypt
I will never know for sure.
They traveled to Europe
eventually settling in Romania.
For all their money & education they were
looked down upon.
They were "Dirty" people
They were called Gypsies
For my great grandparents this word was filled with Hate.

Many People in the craft today choose magickal names.
Sometimes these names have significance to other
cultures, other peoples.
When choosing a name do you give thought to the culture
from where it came?
Before You choose that Native American name
or call yourself Gypsy,
Remember the power of Word & choose wisely
We are the voice of our Ancestors.
May we have the Wisdom to respect those that came before us

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wheel of the Year turns
The Season of The Dark Mother approaches
The time of The Mysteries nears
Many are the names of the Dark Goddess
For those who seek Her
She will light the way

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cleansing Power of the Balsamic Moon

Today, The Balsamic Moon arrived.
The last Balsamic Moon of the Summer,
Gracing us with an opportunity for cleansing &
release before the arrival of Autumn.

Soon we will begin our decent into the
dark half of the year.
The balsamic moon grants us one last opportunity
to "lighten" our load
To rid ourselves of habits that
Do not serve us well
To rid ourselves of people who may not belong
on our journey
To rid ourselves of ideas & thoughts that hinder our growth

This cleansing makes way for the abundance
we will need to carry us through the Winter Season
May you use the power of the Balsamic Moon wisely