Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cleansing Power of the Balsamic Moon

Today, The Balsamic Moon arrived.
The last Balsamic Moon of the Summer,
Gracing us with an opportunity for cleansing &
release before the arrival of Autumn.

Soon we will begin our decent into the
dark half of the year.
The balsamic moon grants us one last opportunity
to "lighten" our load
To rid ourselves of habits that
Do not serve us well
To rid ourselves of people who may not belong
on our journey
To rid ourselves of ideas & thoughts that hinder our growth

This cleansing makes way for the abundance
we will need to carry us through the Winter Season
May you use the power of the Balsamic Moon wisely


  1. Yes, the days grow noticeably shorter, the nights noticeably longer. A sacred boundary has been crossed.

  2. I love that the nights are longer and the days' shorter. I've always been a night owl...and the weather at this time is totally perfect. There is not one thing I could or would change in our climate as of the last few days. Warm, Sunny, Dark and Cool. There is not better time, well except for when the trees start turning, the colors are so inspiring. Bless You Sister==Angie