Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gypsy, What's in a magickal name?

My mothers family came from Egypt.
They were wealthy, educated
They were the "elite"
Why they left their beloved Egypt
I will never know for sure.
They traveled to Europe
eventually settling in Romania.
For all their money & education they were
looked down upon.
They were "Dirty" people
They were called Gypsies
For my great grandparents this word was filled with Hate.

Many People in the craft today choose magickal names.
Sometimes these names have significance to other
cultures, other peoples.
When choosing a name do you give thought to the culture
from where it came?
Before You choose that Native American name
or call yourself Gypsy,
Remember the power of Word & choose wisely
We are the voice of our Ancestors.
May we have the Wisdom to respect those that came before us


  1. Great post. I've not chosen a name. Somehow the name, Mary, resonates to me.

  2. Yes it does...
    Wise,compassionate Mary
    Mother Goddess!

    I too have not chosen a "magickal" name.
    The gift of name given by my parents contains
    more magick then that which I could chose myself.

  3. I left my childhood name behind when I first started my Pagan Path and it was a truly liberating and magickal experience!I chose a name that can be a shortened version of my childhood name but also a name that had celtic and greek meaning, then a middle name that had deep personal meaning to me as well as being connected to my French ancestry.I now have a name that I love and feel truly reflects my personality.It's a powerful thing to do....
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally Noelle

  4. You have chosen wisely Cally Noelle,
    A lovely choice indeed!