Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Message From Spirit - The Season of Virgo

Message From Spirit August 2016 
                 The Season of Virgo

I asked Spirit if there was a message I could share for

the Sun's journey into the sign of Virgo. Here is what I heard: 

"The inescapable process of time" 

As I was processing this message (trying to figure it out)
I heard the following :
"Fruit ripens upon the branch,
Ready for harvest.
Rejoice, Celebrate that which you accomplished;
Knowing you must prepare for the Barren times.
As leaves fall from the trees
Nature doth not fight what is"

I've thought about this a bit.
Virgo, the Harvest Queen arrives as Summer
winds down.  We may welcome the beautiful
colors that come along with the change of seasons --
Fall is approaching. We may appreciate the cool,
crisp air but we also know that as Fall approaches,
Winter can not be far behind.
We can't stop the change of seasons. The cycles of Nature

are beyond our control. Nature does what it needs to do. 
Life flows from season to season, cycle to cycle.  Giving
birth to new while others die away.

Our lives are like that. Cycles.
When we work towards goals - work, family, relationships
even Our Spiritual path, we will see accomplishments. 
We should celebrate them!
Then we find ourselves stuck.
Nothing is moving forward.
Sometimes there ARE problems
that need to be addressed.
Sometimes we have to go inward &
look at what is going on in the present -
But sometimes, We aren't meant to do anything.
Sometimes, We are simply meant to BE where we are at that
given moment.
Sometimes We need to relax. Not be afraid something is
Sometimes, It's just another cycle in life.
Like the Season, it too will change.