Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thunderbolt! New Moon in Aquarius

There's a New Moon arriving on January 30th.
A rather "unique" New Moon -
It's the Second New Moon in the First Month 
of The New Year 2014.
It's also a Super Moon, which means it will 'appear' 
to be rather large. (The moon's orbit is closest to the Earth)

This New Moon arrives in Aquarius - 
"Unique" is a keyword for the Water Bearer. 
Aquarius is the Humanitarian of the Zodiac, 
Filled with high ideals.  
Aquarius is also unpredictable. Very unpredictable.
Aquarius brings change. Swift, Sudden & often unexpected.
A Thunderbolt. 

The Sabian Symbol for this particular New Moon is 
Aquarius 11 :

Man tete-a-tete with His Inspiration

Keyword : Ecstacy
A time for Artists, Writers, Creators, Visionaries. 
A time to translate your vision into reality.
A Time for the Healers, 
Whose Selfless Devotion to others
will be needed as Uranus sends a Thunderbolt 
of change. 

Change is necessary. Change can be for the better.
There is a warning here - Be wary of Self Absorption. 
Humanity will never survive through the changes ahead 
Unless ME becomes We.


Be Wary The Serpent - Message from Spirit

"Be wary the Serpent,
Hissing in the Midst.
Soon to shed it's skin
For All to See"

Tuesday, January 28, 2014