Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays - Why?

A while back I decided to get a reading.
I have a list of readers that I have long admired
& decided the time was right to treat myself.

I went through my list.
Some were far too pricey.
Some had no or limited availability.
Some geographically undesirable
Finally I made my choice.

I was excited.
I thought, "What an incredible experience this will be"
My reading arrived.
No bells, no whistles..
No names, no future predictions, even the present
was way off.
I was shocked

A while later I decided to try again.
I picked another "Tarot" reader I admired.
The reading progressed slowly...
I offered no info & the reader was grasping.
Nothing related to me.
Finally I began to speak, to interact.
The reading improved but wasn't at all what I had "expected".

Now I had always "labeled" myself a tarot reader.
But the fact is I'm not so much a tarot reader
as I am an Intuitive.
I am clairvoyant. clairaudient.
I love tarot and utilize it as a marvelous visual tool.
When I sit down to read someone
I see things, I hear things...
When I look at the cards, images dance & beckon
Suddenly I began to see the difference.
I understood when clients expressed their own disappointments
with readers.
The problem lies NOT with the readers but with the public's
understanding of readings.

Readers are not all the same.
Readings vary.
Some read Tarot,
working interactively with the client
to guide them in the present circumstances
Some provide life path counseling
Others use Oracle cards
And Yes, some of us are psychic
All serve a purpose, as long as the client understands
With understanding One gets results.

So, Why Tarot on Tuesdays?
To help people understand the different types of readings
After all, Not everyone likes Chocolate Ice Cream
To give people the opportunity to get to know different readers
With their different gifts
To say Thank You to The Goddess
For Blessing me with "sight"
For giving me work I love
For getting to know some wonderful women
May you get to know them too

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