Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Giveaway Reminder

To honor the Great Mother,
I am giving an Isis Reading to the winner -
You can find it on my Etsy shop.
To participate, Please be a follower of
My blog.
Post a word or two honoring the Great Mother
as you see her.
Drawing will be done on Mothers Day.


  1. The Great Mother is all parts, all facets of every woman. I see Her face in all women.

  2. The Great Mother is someone I can always count on to help me when no one else can:>)

  3. Welcome RetroKali...
    Thank You and (Karen)Lisa Daley -( Btw, which name do you prefer... ), for sharing your thoughts!

    Good luck & bright Blessings!
    I will draw the winning name on Mothers Day!

  4. Oh sounds wonderful thank you so much for offering such a wonderful gift.... The Great Mother is so awe inspiring each and every day i look and am blessed with the beauty of Her and all Her creations. She is us and we are Her. Bright blessings x x x x

  5. Crystalrainbow, I'm sorry you didn't win
    this time... There are a few more coming up -
    A summer Solstice giveaway in June for starters!