Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hierophant, A Matter of Tradition

Ferol Humphrey posed the following question
on Her Living Tarot page -
Using tarot ,
Ask Who I was/Who I am?
And so I did.

One of the cards came up "The Hierophant"
The Hierophant-
Wise Man, High priest
Spiritual Advisor, Teacher

Sometimes a bit rigid

Oops, This is who I was?
The exercise brought to light many issues
I had been contemplating.
You see, I am a traditionalist.
The Spiritual Path I follow
is rich in traditions.
Goddess, Earth Centered and
Yes, traditional.
My partner, A practicing Palero
Also follows a very traditional path.

Pagan paths are rich in traditions.
Ancient traditions such as the Druids,
Isian Mystery traditions ,
Palo Mayombe,
Rosicrucians, etc -
to newer paths, such as Gerald Gardner's Wicca ;
All embrace tradition.
Which brings to light an issue.
Today, Many define Paganism as
"Do whatever".

What is the actual definition of Paganism?
There is no one true answer,
other than perhaps a nature based
So today,
Being a Pagan means any number of things.
"Eclectic pagan" is a favorite term.
I do what I like, take a bit of this,
Add a dash of that & I'm a pagan.
One from column A, 2 from column B
This is not a Chinese restaurant.
Paganism may not be defined by the more
conventional religions,
but pagan religions or practices
do have their traditions.

Many elders in the pagan community
Are taking a step back.
Waiting for the dust to settle.
All the while
following Our Traditions
Sharing what is to be shared among initiates.
Respecting & learning from other traditions
Always honoring Our own.
Yes, We get a "feel" for something.
Yes, We should add our own spin & make it
uniquely ours,
But we must also honor tradition.

I am the Hierophant.
I shall remain bound by My traditions,
Happy to do so...
But I will remember
Not to be too "rigid" when viewing
others along the pagan path.

Tradition is a guide, not a jailer
- William Somerset Maugham

May you look upon your traditions with reverence


  1. So which card came up for "Who am I now?"

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