Monday, January 11, 2010

Yemeya - Goddess of the New Year

Goddess of Ocean Waters
Mother goddess
Goddess of hope
Goddess of divination

Yemeya is the mother protecting her children.
Her waters wash over us, cleansing.
Washing away sadness. Healing.
She brings prosperity.

Yemeya, Star of the Sea.
A powerful force, Yemeya demands respect.
Wear a gemstone from her beloved Ocean Waters.
Light a Blue or White candle to honor the Goddess.


  1. One of my favourite chants to the Goddess is "Yemaya assessu / assessu Yemaya / Yemaya olodo / olodu Yemaya." The singer Deva Premal does a gorgeous rendition of it on her album "The Essence."

  2. I am going to check it out _
    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Beautiful, I will be lighting a candle in her honor. You have a wonderful writing style!

    Love and Light )O(

  4. Thank You so much for that.
    This blog is important to me as it is a way
    to honor The Goddess. I have My Lady to
    thank for any of my writing.