Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Several weeks ago while sitting before My Altar,
I received a message.

Now for those who have followed My blog
You know I am a Devotee of Isis.
So the Altar I sat before was Her altar.

As I sat in this sacred space,
I began to "See" what at first appeared
to be temple walls.
I'm not sure if the vision appeared to be moving
Or I was moving closer,
But it changed.
It appeared to be a wall of rushing water.
A Dam I suppose.
Then I heard Her.
"The floodgates are opening" , "Tell the people"
I knew this was an important message.
I knew it was her.
I sat with it a short while, but
I kept hearing Her words.

I should have posted it to My blog.
I didn't.
I posted it on FB -
On My personal page
Not on IntuitiveGoddess.
I doubted Myself.
I never doubt Her.
I wasn't sure if I had gotten it right.
I wasn't sure if I was interpreting it correctly.
I was concerned that people reading

might think I was a bit of a kook.
Or just looking to publicize myself.
I did not post it where it should have gone.

It is not for me to Interpret Her message.
It is for me to deliver what has been told to me.
Regardless of what others may think.
I am a Proud daughter
I am a devotee
A Priestess
I am Her Seer
I doubted myself & in doing so,
I cast doubt upon my belief.

And so in this, My Sacred Space
I humbly ask My Lady to forgive My doubts.
I am honored to deliver Her words
To those who seek to listen.
Yes, I will Tell the People," The floodgates are opening"
She is rising
May Her ancient Lands return to Peace.
May She return to Her rightful place


  1. Incredible...I will pass this to others and we will ponder it. I have a friend who is a devotee of Hecate, it seems particularly imperative to pass the word of this to her. Don't judge yourself as doubting. It is very cryptic. It appears obvious at first glance, but it is much deeper - I suspect your subconscious needed time to process and ponder, rather than doubt. That is the essence of doubt after all - processing and pondering. The devotee of ANYTHING that has no doubts is not a devotee of a Deity, or a path, but a slave to cant and fear. So, do not judge yourself for doubting, but rather honor the time you took and will continue to take to contemplate what you have been given.

  2. Don't doubt yourself!!Her message could be interpreted in a number of ways-the one that I immediately hope for is that the floodgates of awareness are opening, that we will all understand that our path needs to be spiritual not material...
    You are blessed to be so in tune...
    Warmest Wishes to you,
    Callie- Noelle x

  3. Thank You All for your support..
    Cameron, how wise - thank you for your insight...
    Callie, I like that! Yes, perhaps we will finally understand..