Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lessons on the Spiritual Path

My Spiritual Path is an integral part of My life.
Listening to the lessons of Spirit is Important.
Understanding them are essential, both to my personal
development and my role as an Elder of my path.

I recently celebrated a special occasion.
The morning of the occasion, I awoke to a sumptuous
bouquet of roses.
The day was off to a Great start.
As the day progressed, My partner eluded
to a special surprise.
I began to think, to anticipate this surprise.
My mind became filled with thoughts of what it could be.
I waited patiently throughout the day but nothing.
That evening we went out for dinner.
Ah ha! Now I would receive it. I was excited but
Dinner came & went.

We had a pleasant dinner but nothing.

We returned home. He handed me a card.

It was beautiful & eloquent. Ok, I was impressed
but still waiting for the "surprise".
A short while later he comes in, beaming. Hands behind his back.
"Are you ready?" He's obviously proud, excited.
He pulls an envelope from behind his back. I open it....
It was a gift certificate. I was shocked.

Not the good kind of shocked.
I said nothing but My expression must have said plenty.
He grabbed it from My hand. "You don't like it!".
I blurted out, "WHY would you get me a gift certificate from the place I work???"
As you can surmise the evening went downhill from there.
Hurt feelings on both parts.

I headed to My Altar to meditate a bit.
I went off to bed crying. Not sleeping well,
I woke up. "
We can only be disappointed when
We expect things from others"
Wow. I got the message. Simple & to the point.
I went to my altar & thanked Her for the message.
I understood.
The fault was not in my partner, nor in the gift.
The fault was in my expectations.
If I had no expectations, I would have found delight in
receiving a gift. I would have had the grace to understand
the joy we give another when we receive from the heart.

I am not perfect. I have many things still to learn.
But on this day, I have learned to "release" expectations.
This is a gift from My Lady.
May it carry me on My path.

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