Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Advice for a Mercury retrograde

Mercury is about to go retrograde again. What exactly does that mean? Mercury rules communication but Mercury is also the Great Trickster. So when Mercury goes retrograde, Communication can become tangled. Things can even take a step backwards. Retrograde is an illusion. It appears as if the planet is traveling backwards, Of course it's not. The same holds true for the upheavals & miscommunications that may occur during the Retrograde. Things may appear off course, Problems may appear seemingly insurmountable. But that is only an illusion. Like the retrograde, These things will pass. Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance To make Necessary changes & adjustments on our path. Mercury Retrograde makes us Stop, Look & Listen This Retrograde take time to Stop & "Think" before speaking. To Look at what part you may or may not have in any miscommunication & To Listen before reacting. Remember, This too Shall pass.


  1. Interesting. How long will it be in retrograde for? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kijet, The Retrograde ends April 23rd...

    Blogger is acting up tonight folks...