Sunday, March 13, 2011

How many of you are familiar with the film
Miracle on 34th street?
Kris Kringle, while working at Macy's; sends a
customer to the competition!!!
Management at first becomes upset,
only to find a surprising response..
The department store gets the reputation of
Caring for their customers..
And so the people come to shop there.

A subtle but powerful message.
Abundance flows...
When we are generous & confident
We need not fear the "competition"
When we are generous & supportive of One another
We create an environment that draws others to us.
Feel Good energy is contagious.

The "Spiritual" community has far to go
in learning these lessons.
Those who truly walk a Spiritual Path
know this.
Spiritual is truth.
Spiritual is generous.
Spiritual is Faith.

William Rand's words pertain to All aspects of the
"Spiritual" community.
Spirit always knows the truth within
When you release fear, jealousy, envy & greed
Abundance shall flow
May you learn the truths of Spirit

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