Friday, March 11, 2011

How do I begin this?
On March 2nd I made a decision to post a
message from Her.
Many layers to this message.
"The Floodgates are opening"
"Tell the people"
Myself and others hoped this message was one
of transformation, of hope...
On some levels it is.
For the people of the Middle East,
it represents change, hope
Sometimes transformation comes at a cost.

On another level
This message is literal.
Today, Great devastation has occured
The "floodgates" have opened.

On March 5th, I received another message,
"Many Deaths".
That was all...
Again, I wondered whether or not to post.
I chose to post on FB but not on My blog.
Myself & others hoped this was also a message
of transformation.. Change.

So Why receive these messages?
We are in a time of great transformation.
Like the Tower in tarot, sometimes destruction
must occur to make way for the new.
Perhaps We do not listen,
Perhaps We ignore the signs,
Perhaps we need to be shown more than a gentle message.

So Why receive the messages?
To know HER
To recognize Her
However One see's Spirit
Whatever name you choose to call Her
To listen to Her
Mother Earth
Kwan Yin
Know that SHE is rising..
Perhaps the message comes,
Not for us to change things but
To recognize Her

May we all send Our prayers to Our Brothers & Sisters
who have been hit by this devastation.
May We all come to honor HER


  1. I too commented on your post that I hoped it was a sign of hope for the future..
    I send my love to all those affected by this earthquake/tsunami....
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  2. Thank You Cally.
    I hope others with follow & send love, prayers,
    healing energies to those who are in dire need.
    I am so saddened right now & can not help but cry...