Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magickal Advice for the Super Full Harvest Moon / Lunar Eclipse

For Magickal Practitioners,
Full Moons are all about manifesting.
It's a time when we zoom our focus on our goals.

The same can be said for an Eclipse.
An eclipse equals all the Moon's phases
in one short moment of time.
Powerful stuff when you're looking to manifest.

However, when it comes to this Full Super Harvest Moon /
Lunar eclipse - My best advice:
Do Nothing 
That's right. Do nothing.
Instead of being "Active"  become "Inactive".

To start with, there is so much fully charged energy
in the universe right at this time; it's confusing!
Mercury is Retrograde, which means without absolute 

clear communication things can go awry.
The Sun is in Libra, which is the polar opposite of the
Full Moon in Aries.  While opposites do attract, it also
creates some combustible energies. Aries wants it done
Yesterday & tends to plunge head first ( This I know,
I have an Aries Sun).  Libras are all about being fair
& just when their scales are balanced but they
have a difficult time making decisions.
Now throw the Eclipse into the mix.
Normally it's a wonderful time work Magick.
You can remove obstacles & bring all in the same
time period.  BUT... Sometimes an Eclipse keeps things
hidden from view.  Throw the Mercury Retro into the mix -
You could wind up manifesting a mess.
We're back to "Do Nothing".

This is the absolutely perfect time to be "Receptive".
Listen to the guidance of the Universe.
Take it all in, be patient and wait.
What you learn during this time could prove to be
very important in future manifesting work. 
There's Magick within.
Take the time to experience it. 

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  1. Very succinct. Being a mega Aries, in Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury with a Libra/Scorpio rising, instinctively I had to pull back from the mess around me from other's chaos.

    It was too much drama for me, and do little except LISTEN!!