Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This afternoon I spent some time before my altar.
Time giving honor to The Goddess
Time saying Thank You
It was a time of meditating

I wanted this time to find a focus.
I have new students
A blog dedicated to My Lady
I asked
"What is the message you want me to share?"
Do I focus on the elements,
or the coming change of season?
As I ask, I begin to hear
And so I grab paper & pen

This is the message
Take what you will from it
Believe what you chose
All I ask is that you do not judge

For in the temples we once were upon our knees
for hours
But we were not there to bow in humility
We were there to learn
In secret times
In quiet time
To learn Her ways
To share Her message
And those who thought they were pious,
were not
And they were cast out
And those that stayed were sisters
And lived the ways
To teach their daughters
And their daughter's daughters
For the time shall come
And She will rise again


  1. That's exactly what I felt as I wrote this message, and still do every time I read it.
    She is calling out to those who will listen.
    Thank You for reading it.
    May your path be Blessed & May you know Her!

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  3. Hi Josh!
    Thank You. I will certainly have a look & see if i fit in!
    Thanks for stopping by!