Friday, February 17, 2012

The Darker side of The Moon

A little after midnight tonight,
The Moon enters Her Dark phase.
It is a time when we take a step back
& look inward.

The Dark Moon is a time to "clean" house.
For some, It is taking a look at what isn't working
and releasing it.
For others, it's time to look at plan B
Many magickal practicioners use this time for
Binding & Banishing work.
Now If You listen to Hollywood,
That's a bad thing.
However, most binding or banishing work
serves a more mundane purpose.
Releasing a bad habit,
Getting over the emotions of a bad romance,
Letting go of negative thought patterns.

Of course there are times when
A Witch may have to put an end to gossiping
Or ill will in a magickal way
But mostly we use this time to go within.

Honor the Wisdom the Dark Moon offers.
May you find enlightenment within Her Darkness

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