Friday, June 11, 2010

Candle for Our Ocean Waters

This New Moon I plan to light a candle for Yemeya.
Yeyeomo Eja
The Mother whose Children are the fish
Star of the Sea

I shall light a candle and ask Her to protect
Her children that dwell in Her waters.
I shall light a candle ask that She forgive US.
For too long we have disrespected Her Waters.
It is easy for us to blame others.
But as a people we have disrespected Mother Earth.
For it is our consumerism that drives those we lay blame to.
We over fish Her waters.
Our boats pollute the waters daily.
We chop down trees to build houses, shopping malls, highways.
We do these things in the name of "Progress"

Have we progressed?
Have we become enlightened?
The Wise Ones know it is the time of change.

Please join me & light a candle.
Ask Yemeya to heal her waters.
Ask the Great Mother to teach us to be one
with our Sacred Earth.


  1. I absolutely will. I'm planning on going there, too.

  2. Thank You so much...
    Please put the Word out there & ask others
    to light a candle

  3. I found out about this just now. I'm doing a ritual for Yemaya on the summer solstice, I will include this as well.