Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Solstice, Water & A Lesson From The Goddess

Often times our insights come
when we least expect it.
Today was one of those unexpected moments.
My plans for the Solstice had just begun

to fall into place.
I would float bowls of water across the pool,
surrounding them by quartz crystals.
Sun Water!
Perfect for manifestation & healing magick
in the months ahead.

Walking over to the pool, I step down.
I'm not the sort to dive right in.
The waters still a bit cold for me &
I have no plans to go for a swim.
About to step out when I hear Her.
"Be one with the Water.
Remember, It is neither warm nor cold,
It just is."

Okay, So I'm about to get a lesson
about swimming?
Seems a bit bizarre & maybe
I should question my sanity but

I stop & listen.

I begin to focus on the Water.
Leaning into the Water but not diving in.
I feel a part "of"
I'm starting to remember.
I remember the lessons of Fire,
The Lesson of Earth, of Air.
I remember the lesson of Water.
The lessons of Magick.
To Be One With.
"Now". Immediately I dive in.
I feel a part of.
It is in this moment I hear
Her message,
Her lesson.

We need to learn to Be One with the Water
We were born of the Water,
We come from our Mothers womb.
Our lands, born of The Great Mother's Womb.
We are part of the Water,
As it is part of us.
We will never "master" the elements.
For that is Humankind's biggest mistake.

So, I pass these words along.
I will Focus my intent upon
Our Waters this solstice.
May we someday learn to "Be One"
with the gifts of the Great Mother,
Before it is too late.


  1. funny.... i was finishing your Isis today and I was thinking why I have chosen her turquoise and gold dressing... and it came to my mind "she is perfect in turquoise and gold". I think since the begining of my idea of Her she was already in turquoise and gold... Now when I read your post about water and sun it brings me the image of turquoise and gold in mind. It feels right.

  2. Nesca,
    It sounds fabulous!!!
    I am very excited!

  3. A lovely lesson to share. Have a blessed Solstice!

  4. This is a beautiful lesson to share with us.

  5. What a beautiful and important message! Thank you.

  6. Thank You All for you kind words...
    I hope the Solstice has brought Magick to each of you & The changes brought from the
    stars are gentle ones...