Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wisdom From Mother Earth

The past few days I've had the
opportunity to spend time in my garden.
With the snow finally melted,

I begin to assess things.

Joyful in the knowledge,that Spring is almost here;
I find myself saddened.
A favorite Plum Tree has not survived

the Winter storms.
I sigh as I gather the broken branches.

The remains of the tree will be cut down.
The energy of my tree will change form.
It will become mulch to protect & nourish my garden.
Firewood to warm the winter nights.
Maybe carved into Runes...

Although my Plum tree shall be missed,
There is a space to be filled with something new.
Perhaps an Apple tree shall be planted, maybe a White Fig.
Mother Earths "Spring Cleaning"
May we learn from her wisdom.
Change is inevitable.
We must release that which no longer serves us,
To make way for the new.


  1. Hello, Intuitive Goddess! There's a blog award for you over at my blog post of March 9th.

  2. What a beautiful and earthy post that can relate to so much in our lives. Thank you.

  3. My Dear Intuitive, i feel sorry for your plum tree... i love plums because of their colour, i mean purple plums.Cutting off the tree always feels bad in heart... i don't know why but it always felt sad for me... Trees are like beings with soul, and it feels good to hug them and feel good energy :)



    p.s. the spring came to Leeds (U.K.) and it feels good :)

  4. On Thursday, I went to my special place to my tree friends. So many have been cut down due to all the storms we have been having. I was sad to see some of my friends gone. One of the stumps said to me when I laid my hand on her..that even though she is old and cracked she still had life in her. Sure enough..i saw small buds coming from her.
    Life is full of change. If my tree friends can accept that, I know I must to.

  5. Thank You Debra, I'm honored.

  6. Thank You All for your comments!
    Power has been sporadic here given all the
    storms, apologies if I missed anyone!

    Nesca, Enjoy the Spring!
    Shell, I can just feel the energy as you placed your hand upon that tree stump !

    Inannasstar, your comments are truly appreciated!

    Blessings to All

  7. Absolutely right!I hope that whatever you plant blooms and flourishes...
    Warmest Wishes,