Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Moon, Cancer & the Magick of Devotion

This weeks Full Moon arrives in Cancer.
No sign do we equate more with the Moon, than Cancer...
Watery, Intuitive, Feminine
Cancer, like all water signs is about Emotions
Those that appear on the surface &
Those that lie hidden from view.

Like the Moon, Cancer can reveal it's secrets
Or show you an illusion.
Cancer can be tough & unyielding,
protected by a hard Shell
But if Cancer chooses, it can reveal it's
soft & gentle energies
Nurturing but not passive,
For Cancer, like the Moon Mother
is strong, tenacious & protective of Her young

The Full Moon in Cancer is one of
wondrous magick.
It is a time for Divination
A time for Financial/Career,
after all The Crab is wonderful with money...
Most of all,
Cancer is a sign of nurturing, feeding, devotion...
Isn't it cancer that rules the stomach?

Use this Full Moon to Cook up a little Magick
Share a meal with those you love
Show your devotion
To family
To The Goddess
Add a dash of magick &
May Lady Moon smile upon you


  1. Happy Full Moon, to you. As always, your posts are illuminating.

  2. Hope that she smiled on you...
    Warm Wishes for the year ahead,
    Callie x

  3. Thank you Shell!
    Hi Cally! How nice to see you here!
    How are your wonderful crafts doing?
    Love your site! And I do love my bag - it made a perfect tarot bag!