Friday, January 7, 2011

Mother whose children are the fish
Goddess of The Ocean
Goddess of the New Year
Yey Omo Eja
The Ocean
From which all life begins

Tarot on Tuesdays final Yule giveaway -
A Yemeya pouch!
3 Gemstones, chosen to represent the Ocean
Honored by Yemeya
These gemstones have been infused by Robin with Reiki.
Then we added My Yemeya powder...

How do YOU honor Yemeya?
Do you have a prayer? A ritual?
How to you honor the Spirit of Her Great waters?
Share with us.
Get your entry in by 10 PM
Blessings from All of Us at Tarot on Tuesdays!


  1. Yesterday on my blog I wrote about my circle's new year ritual with Yemaya. One of our favourite chants is to Her: Yemaya assessu / assessu Yemaya / Yemaya olodu / oludu Yemaya.

  2. I live very close to the great ocean and visit Her often, both summer and winter. I have no ritual, but sit and look out over her mighty waves in silence and honor and commune with Her. It is my very favorite place to be.

  3. Last summer, I created a big Altar to Yemanya. I had the altar dresses in blues with seashells, water and pearls. I drew my own picture of her on a blue candle with a prayer for. It was beautiful and I felt her close to me.
    Since then, I love to get a blue candle with a picture I draw of her on it. Listen to my Ocean CD and think of her.

  4. How wonderful everything sounds!
    Shell, do you have any pics?
    Debra, Congrats...
    Mary, sitting & communing with Her - that is Your ritual and a very sacred one!