Monday, January 31, 2011

Sabian Symbols

One of my favorite forms of divination is
the use of Sabian Symbols
So just what are they?
The Sabian symbols came to life in 1925,

as an Astrological system.
Marc Edmund Jones, a renown astrologer

spent an afternoon with Medium Elsie Wheeler,
creating the symbols.

His vision was based upon the degrees of the astrological wheel.
Each sign encompasses 30 degrees.
Within these 30 degrees are 3 decans.

These help to individualize the characteristics
or traits of each sign.
30 degrees X 12 signs equal 360 degrees -

The circumference of a circle.

Marc Edmund Jones believed that each degree

carried within it's own message, philosophy.
He believed the ancients knew much more

When they created the systems of astrology we use today.
By enlisting the aid of Elsie Wheeler He hoped to channel
the message for each degree - 360 of them.
They accomplished this feat in 1 afternoon.

Maybe I'm fascinated with the symbols

because they were channeled by a Medium.
Maybe something within the symbols resonates within me...
Whatever it is, This I do know -
The Symbols not only work as an astrological tool,
But as a wonderful form of divination

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  1. I've heard of the Sabian Symbols and have read discussions about some of them. They seem fascinating but also very odd. I don't know a lot about them, obviously!