Monday, January 24, 2011

The Fuss about Astrology

Recently Astrology was in the limelight.
The media reported news of a 13th constellation,
which according to the media, meant a change in an
individuals Sun sign...

By now you should know that your sign has not changed.
You should also be aware of the different systems or practices
of Astrology
Western, which in simplified terms follows the path of the Sun.
Vedic or sidreal is based upon the constellations,
However any changes to the constellations - and this is not the first,
have already been considered.
There are other systems, among them Chinese, Mazal or
Kabbalistic, Sabian Astrology, Mayan.

No matter what system one uses,
Astrology is an art of divination.
Astrology is predictive
But Astrology offers something more.
Astrology affords us a system of lessons,
of values.
From the time of the Ancients,
It has been a path towards enlightenment.
Like the Hermit it Tarot
Astrology shines the light within

As you go around the wheel of the Zodiac,
May you come to understand the truth of each sign,
May you learn compassion
For self, For others
May you embrace the positive and learn from the less than,
May the lessons of the Wise Ones
Light your Way
May you journey on the road to enlightenment

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