Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cleansing Crystals & gemstones

Recently I've received many questions regarding this subject,
So I am reposting

Crystals & Gemstones are found in the Earth.
Mother Gaia. Terra Firma.
There are some which are found in the Oceans;
Such as Pearls,
but Stones are predominantly found within the Earth.
It is a Fact that Water can be harmful to the physical properties
of certain stones & crystals.
Some Crystals should not be cleansed in water.
Among those - Malachite, Azurite, Selenite,Turquoise, Opal & Calcite.

Another fact is Salt Water can be corrosive
to manyCrystals & Stones.
Salt can change the physical properties of a crystal,
leaving you with a damaged stone.
Do not clean your Crystals with water
unless you have done your research.
A general rule of thumb - Stones with a hardness of less than 7.0
Should NOT be cleansed with water.
For stones that can be cleansed in water,
Flower water is a better choice than salt.

Cleansing with Salt is fine, if done correctly.
Fill a dish with Sea Salt - Kosher, Himalayan works fine.
Place your crystal in the salt and DO NOT add water!
Leave it sit in the salt.
Cleanse your crystal by the Moons light.
Use care if placing Crystals in the Sun,
as it will cause fading with certain stones.
Smudging, is another good choice.

Of course there's Mother Earth herself.
I keep a bowl of Earth from a Sacred Place on my altar.
I place my Crystals in Her Earth when they need to be recharged.
Listen to the Stone People and they will teach you.
Pay attention to Mother Gaia, her mysteries are all around.
She will show you, if your eyes will see.
She will teach you, if your ears will hear.
Trust. Seek. Learn for yourself.


  1. Great repost. For me I found putting my crystals in the earth makes them super charged. They just glow with sweet energy.

  2. Peace and Light,

    I enjoy your blog!
    All the best to you in 2011!!!

    Bright Blessings & Stay well,

    Ten Nebula