Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating the Journey

Recently my cat Rocky passed over.
Although he was 16, it was something I had not given thought to.
So, it came as a shock.
My sadness overwhelmed me.

In my sadness, I prepared his altar.
His picture placed upon it.
Herbs, waters, a saucer of milk.
At night, sitting before it, I cried...
I cried some more.
I asked My Lady to guide me.
I asked Her to show me how to ease my grief.
I did not want to feel this sadness.

Sitting before the altar
The message came to me -
My sadness was for myself.
For My loss.
Grief is about "Us".
It is a selfish although necessary emotion.
Those that have passed over, have moved on.
That is their journey.
As a psychic, I Know this
As a daughter of the Goddess, I know this
Yet in my grief,
I did not see it

We will always be saddened by the loss of a loved one.
Our loss.
But we must learn from the ancient ones.
The Wise ones knew.
May we honor our departed and celebrate their journey


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My Minga will be 18 in July and I tend to live in denial, but I know I must prepare for the inevitable.

  2. Thank You...
    I have been fortunate that several of my cats have lived into their 20's...
    Rocky always had & has a special place in my heart though...
    I hope that Minga will be one of the twenty

  3. You'd think that understanding how things work would make it easier for us when loved ones pass - and I think it does, eventually. But you are bang on when you say: Grief is about us.

    How blessed you were to have had Rocky - and he you - for 16 wonderful years.

  4. so sorry to hear of your loss... 16 years is a long time to be with someone... You were blessed with so many years to shrare with him.

  5. Thank You, both
    Felicitas & Mother Moon...
    Although I will always miss him, I know he
    has moved on in his journey.
    Blessings & Many Thanks!

  6. oh.... i am catching up with your blog and i see you have lost a friend... so sad... i really feel for you... Dear friend,Its just like you wrote,they move on and only we feel pain.They dont want us to suffer but we have to go through sadness and pain of loosing their material presence... I know you will feel Rocky visiting you,you will feel his paws on your bed,you will see... i am sending you love :)