Friday, April 23, 2010

The Sun, Taurus & A Charm of Abundance

Taurus may well be the Sun sign closet to the Earth.
Pragmatic, stabile, determined, loyal
Ruled by Venus, Taurus is sensual.
A lover of comfort and beauty.
Sometimes, that determination can become stubbornness
Loyalty can become possessiveness.

Bindweed, Wild Morning Glory, High John the Conqueror root.
Bindweed or High John can be invasive. An unwelcome guest
in some gardens, seen as destructive.
To others, it's flowers bring beauty.
It is used by Native Americans for medicinal & spiritual purposes.
It is a staple of Folk Magick.

Duality is a part of nature.
We do not exist without it.
The wise know how to embrace it, work with it,
transform it.
For magick is the art of transformation

Taurus Abundance Pouch

The Sun warms Mother Earth,
Seedlings grow,
Gaia returns to abundance

To utilize the energy & magick of the Sun,

Prepare the Pouch between Noon & Midday

1 whole piece of High John Root
1 piece of Jade or Emerald
green flannel cloth
oil - preferably Van Van

Oil the High John Root. It is best to use Van Van or High John oil.
If none is available, use a plain carrier oil. Do NOT use other oils.
Hold your stone & place your intent upon the stone.
Place all ingredients on the cloth.
Use a Charm or prayer of your making
Tie the bag with the twine .
To energize your bag, let it sit in the Suns light.

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