Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spiritual Practioners Dream Differently

We all have them.  Some are manifestations
of our subconscious, Some are just a replay
of the days events.
Freud interpreted our dreams.

Jung interpreted them.
We can find dozens of books on the subject.
It's fun.  It's interesting.
We may find insight in a situation.  

We may find answers.
But Spiritual Dreams - That's a bit different.
Spiritual Practitioners Dream differently.

Last night after taking a Spiritual Bath,
I headed to bed.  I woke up this morning
Now that doesn't always happen, or I wouldn't
take too many of these...
I did wake up with a message or two.
Which is generally how these dreams work.
These messages sometimes

need a bit of interpretation,
like any other dream but
the interpretation is different.
You won't find it in any book or site.

An example of this type of dream:

I was going in & out of different rooms.
Each time I entered I would blow some dust
& the door would open.
Now a dream interpretation may say I'm
wishing for an opportunity.  The interpretation
could go deeper.
However, as a Spiritual Practitioner -
I know exactly what Spirit was telling me!
Clean Your house!  The dust, that was

A while back I had posted a dream.
I asked some of My Spiritual Sisters what
they thought.  Someone answered,

unfamiliar with the particular spiritual practice.
She gave a long thought out description as to
the psychological interpretation dream.

That doesn't apply with Spirit.

Spiritual Practitioners dream differently.
We get advice,
We receive news of future events,
We're asked for offerings,
We're reminded of  our duties,
Our responsibilities to Spirit.
We're asked to serve.
Our dreams are more than "Dreams"
They are Blessings bestowed.
Yes, We have ordinary dreams but
Spiritual Practitioners do dream differently!

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