Friday, June 7, 2013

A Message Received 6/7/13

Arise She said
Those who stand before Me
In the time of Great Judgement
Whose sins
Are cast heavily
Against this Earth

For I Am the One
The Weigher
Of Man's hearts
For I Am the One
Who giveith
And I Am the One
Who can take away

I Am the One
Who makes towers crumble

And creates
Great pillars to the sky

And One shall come
Across many lands
And (She) will show the people
The way to righteousness
To heal
The sick The poor
And the time of judgement shall arise

I Am the bringer of happiness
Of great joy
To those whose hearts are truth

And Thy words
Shall sting
Like great arrows

For why My children
Can You not bear  to know Thy truth? 

My name is MAAT

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