Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunflower Magick


A sure sign of summer,
The Sunflower is a strong solar herb.

It's medicinal and magickal properties go back
to ancient times.
The Aztecs adorned themselves with sunflowers to
honor the Sun God,
Native Americans knew the value of their medicine,
used them as a food source and a dye.

Sunflowers turn their "heads" to face the Sun.

Medicinally,  the Sunflower is a diuretic and
expectorant - Used to treat bronchial & respiratory
ailments, coughs and colds.
Culinary uses, We all know about Sunflower seeds
but the petals are also great in salads and baked goods.
Even the stem of this majestic flower is used to make
paper and fabric.

It is a bringer of happiness,
thought to ease depression,
Bring abundance - Did you ever count how many seeds
in one Sunflower?
Speaking of which, Makes it a good choice for fertility magick..
Because of it's strong solar qualities,
It is also used in protective magick.
A bath in Sunflower Petals will bring Joy -
How can you not smile relaxing in a tub of golden petals?
And is said to bring confidence...

Next time you find yourself eating Sunflower seeds,
make a wish, say a prayer, put your affirmation out there...
Believe in the Magick!

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