Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day - A Sabian Symbol

Happy Fathers Day!

I pulled a Sabian symbol asking "What is the message for Fathers Day?"

Pisces 6 - Officers on Dress Parade
Keyword - Disipline
Sometimes the message is straight to the point!
Sometimes there are layers...

Have you have seen a miltary parade? What about My friends in the UK -
You have the Royal Guard...
These Men stand tall in their perfectly starched uniforms.
Do people even use starch anymore??? Anyway, they stand proud.
They don't flinch. They protect, they serve,
They wear their burdens without complaint.
Dads are like that. They protect us. They serve Us
Keeping a roof over Our heads, food on the table, providing the clothes we wear.
They sit through school recitals when You know
they'd probably rather watch they Ball Game, lol..
They support Us. Proudly.
Of course they also disipline Us. How many of Us have heard
"Wait till your Father hears about this"!!!
But it's that disipline that molds us into the adults We become.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads!
Daddy, I Love You!


  1. Lovely post-and as I am reading it a bit late-Happy Summer Solstice!
    Love and Light,
    Callie x

  2. Hi Cally!
    Glad to see you here..
    Wishing you a wonderful Summer, filled with
    Flowers, Sunshine and Love!!!
    Blessings & Hugs,