Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Message - Sabian Symbol Gemini 27

Yesterday Morning I was trying to figure what message
to share for the holiday season.
I realized since what I choose to speak about is Spirituality,
It is perhaps best to ask Spirit for guidance.
Sabian symbols.
The answer will come from the symbols.
I pulled a symbol & received:

Gemini 27
A gypsy coming out of the forest

Interesting. What could this possibly have to do with the holidays,
But the first word I heard was "Stress", followed by alienation.
Gypsies' have not been accepted into society.
They live on the outskirts.
Mostly banding together with their own "kind'.
Family is important.

But what about the gypsy coming out of the forest?
No mention of a caravan, or fellow gypsies.
Just one lone person coming alone. Perhaps feeling
like they don't belong.

Many people feel alone during the holidays.
That loneliness & isolation can be overwhelming.
It can led to depression, even suicide.
The suicide rates go up alarmingly during the holidays.

Years, perhaps centuries ago people gathered together.
The shared what they had not only with family but with friends,
With neighbors, with the community.

It was essential to survival,
Not just of individuals but of entire societies.

We have strayed far from those roots.
Yes, there are soup kitchens
Yes there are holiday gift drives
But perhaps it is time
We set another place at our table for that annoying relative,
that lonely elderly neighbor or coworker
Who may just be spending the holidays alone.

Alienation can do terrible things.
From causing one to individual to harm
themselves or many,
To causing war among nations.
Perhaps if enough of Us set that extra plate,
this world may begin to be a different place.

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