Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years 2013 - No more resolutions

The New Years Eve tradition.
We make resolutions.
We resolve to quit smoking.
To lose weight.
To get out of debt.
And on it goes...

Sometime around February
most resolutions are forgotten.
Gone with the wind.

Sometimes we feel as though we've failed.
Other times we laugh it off because for most of us -
We don't really take them seriously.
We don't put much credence in them.
Perhaps the whole concept of making a "resolution"
sets us up for failure.
By definition Resolution means : Commitment, Determination
It also means : A verdict or Judgement
Then there are some definitions related medical - we'll skip those
for now!
It's not a fun word.
Doesn't sound "happy"
It reminds me of those old movies or speeches
back in school -
"With hard work and determination,
You too can achieve your goals"
Bleh...It may be true but it's oh so boring!

New Years Eve is a time of celebration,
Those resolutions, not so fun.
I choose to bring in the New Calendar year with joy.
I choose to focus on My achievements of the past year -
Maybe I didn't lose the 10lbs I set out to

but I lost 4.
That's an achievement.
Didn't quite get out of debt but paid off 1 credit card?
That's an accomplishment.
This New Years Eve
I make no resolutions.

This Year I celebrate My accomplishments,
I Honor who I am and I resolve to accomplish what I desire.
This New Year,
May you honor all you've accomplished!


  1. love it! shared it on four sites.

  2. Hi Chrissy,
    Thank You!!!
    Wishing You a joy filled 2013!