Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quick Tip for Keeping Your Space Sacred with White Sage

White Sage is great for removing negativity & quick cleansing.
Traditionally used to "smudge".
Here's a tip We use around My home -
Hang a small cluster of White Sage in the doorway of family rooms or
heavily trafficked areas.

Leave the cluster for 1 full moon cycle.
In other words, If You hang the White Sage Cluster in the New Moon,
You keep it up through the Dark Moon.
What do you do next?
Take the White Sage down,
Bring it OUTSIDE and burn it!
burn it in Your home.
When You bring the Sage outside to burn,
You are burning off any negative energies that have been collected
in the home.

If You'd like to see more on cleansing Your space

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Please Be mindful -Purchase White sage from a sustainable source!

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