Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wheel of the year tarot Deck

Many people have been asking,
"What deck is that?  It's beautiful"
Yes it is.
Although it took me a little while to decide that -
I purchased the deck maybe 6 months ago.
It languished in the back of the closet,
Along with quite a few other decks I never use.

A cleaning binge came along.
I felt the energy needed to be refreshed.
A good Spiritual house cleaning was in order.
I also had been feeling the energy of some of the decks
I was currently using needed a recharging,

even a much needed break.
So I went through My collection of decks.
Among the Tarot decks I decided to bring into the light of day,
The Wheel of the Year from Lo Scarabeo.

Why didn't I use it when first purchased?
I came across it online.
Loved the color & was impressed by 1 or 2 cards,
So I purchased it.
When it arrived & I thumbed through it,
It seemed a bit "cartoonish". 
I just couldn't connect to the artwork.
Without ever using it, I tossed it aside.

When the cleaning binge arrived,
I forced Myself to try a reading with it.
I don't know how wise a choice it was at that moment -
Given it was for a paying client!
I did explain this was a new deck & I may have to switch
in the middle.
To My surprise, the reading -
well it was incredible.
As I began to use it more often,
I've become enchanted with it's vibrant color, artwork &
"Feel Good" energy.
The clients love it too.
Would I recommenced it?
However... If you are a novice, and depend upon
the LWB - this may not be the deck for you.

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