Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Predictions / Messages

We are now a week into the New Year.
On New Year's Eve,
I asked Spirit what is the message for 2013?
What I should I share?

Wild World - Actually, I heard the words to an old Cat Stevens song
"Oh Baby it's a Wild World"...
What I can tell you is the Pacifica energy is two-fold.
Since I heard Korea directly afterwards, it may be referencing
The Pacific Islands somewhere in the South China Sea.
It also was clearly messaging a connection to the West Coast,
Here in the U.S. - possibly weather energy.
I googled Pacifica & found it is a place in California.

I clearly heard "NOT the obvious"
I also was getting the impression it may not be referencing
"North Korea" at all - which would be the obvious...

In the days that followed,
I received a few more messages for the year ahead.
Here they are:

A birth will be a Big Event.  It will bring a healing to it's people.
I was getting a sense of Royalty.  Is it the birth expected for Britain's
Royal family or is this another "Royal" family?
Perhaps a family not quite Royal but looked upon as such?

An important scientific breakthrough -
Sounded like "Enzymes"
Whatever it is, it will be important.

School Districts - Issue with parents / teachers
possibly in the U.K.?

Scandal involving "housing" or "zoning"
A silver haired politician (Who sort of resembled Phil Donahue,lol)

will be involved. 
He will be found hiding something possibly in his home!

Silver - going up
Hearing the word "Stockpiling"
An individual or individuals are stockpiling it.

3rd world nations as women try to reclaim power.

We may be in for a Wild Ride.
It may prove to be a "Wild World"
It may also be a time of much needed change.

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