Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rose Quartz in the kitchen

Today I was straightening out My kitchen counter when I took notice
of a piece of Rose Quartz by the window.
It suddenly occurred to me, "what an odd place for Rose quartz".

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.
It is a stone whose energies are related to unconditional love,
Self love & acceptance.
Some say it reminds us of Our "intentions".

According to Feng Shui,
Rose Quartz should be placed in the relationship corner
of one's home.
The relationship corner is the bedroom.

In Our house,
The kitchen is a place we come together.
I prepare meals for those I love
I cook because I love to do so...
When We sit together for a meal we laugh,.
We love, We argue.. We settle the differences.
The kitchen is Our relationship corner.
In the kitchen,
Sitting together for a meal;
We are reminded of Our true intentions..
As a family unit.
As individuals.
The kitchen is the center of Our home.

That piece of rose quartz had been left there
After a class on crystals.
After cleaning it, it just seemed right
leaving it there,

In My kitchen.
I knew exactly where it needed to be.
In the heart of our home.

Crystals will speak to us,
If We listen.
And what they have to say -
Is something you may not learn in any book.

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