Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bundles of love

Buster the Kitten came into My life,
exactly when I needed him.
Everyone said He came into My life for a reason.
The thing is, I didn't want to hear it -
At least not then...

Busters arrival has brought many lessons.
On faith,
On time,
On love.

Buster has a schedule.
Each day he runs to the bedroom door and cries.
It's My cue to open the door where He then
pounces on the bed waiting for me.
It's expected that I lie down
So He can cuddle on me.

Buster has taught me to take time out.
Even if just for a few minutes.
I need to take time to relax.
Moreso, I need to spend time with those I love.

Today, While taking that Buster & Me break,
I was totally basking in that loving energy.
Then I heard the news..
Another shooting in a school, children taken hostage
on a bus.
I thought about the little bundle of love curled up on me
& I asked -
Why?  Why is there so much dark energy in Our world?
Why is there an evilness, a darkness in the hearts of so many?
I asked My Lady,
How do We fix this?  Can We?

Then I heard it ...
"We come into this world a bundle of love. Depending
on love from Our mothers.  Without which We fail to thrive.
It is the environment which creates this energy.  Environmentally
it is that which creates dark energy.  Change the environment,
Change the world. "

We come into this world bundles of love.
somewhere along the way, it changes.
We change.  We look to so many things, we forget how
important one simple thing is - Love.
The weight of this change may be falling 

on the hands & hearts of Women.

May each of Her Daughters
Rise up
May We emanate the love
The Great Mother has given us
And radiate it out to the world.
May We rise,
May We be the change
May We all remember the importance of love

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