Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sabian Symbol for Veterans Day - Sagittarius 12

Yesterday, 11/11/12 was officially Veteran's Day.
I decided to ask Spirit, "Is there a message for me to share?"
Using the Sabian symbolsI pulled Sagittarius 12

Sagittarius 12 : A flag that turns into an Eagle, The Eagle into a chanticleer
saluting the Dawn.

Huh???  That was My first thought.
What the heck is a chanticleer?  Time for google..
First definition I find is "chorus"
Singing in unison. 
Ok, That makes sense.  As a nation, We need to be united.
To support one another. to work in unison.

Second definition is the name of a U.S. Navy Ship.  British too
I believe.
Ok, That also makes sense.  I asked for a Veterans Day message.
Then came the 3rd definition - A Rooster...
A Rooster crowing salutes the dawn.
For those who live in proximity to a Rooster,
Well, You know that crowing wakes you up.
Sort of like the bugle blowing & waking up those
Who served in the Military.

Then I found something interesting.
The Rooster & The Eagle.
Political symbols.
The Rooster representing the democrats.
The Eagle,  Republicans.
Back in the day When one went to vote -
You'd find The Rooster representing the Democrats.
The Eagle - Well, if You ticked that off You were voting Republican.
It made it easy for all people to vote.
You didn't need to know how to read,
or understand the language.
It was universal.

Some states still use it.

Here was the interesting message -
With all the fuss and bother over these elections,
We need to remember on this day and everyday,
Many wars were fought in the name of democracy,
To give people rights and to protect those rights.
In the end, it doesn't matter if you vote Republican or
What matters is that You can vote.

What matters is many Men & Women have fought
to protect those rights - For Us and for other people.
The least we can do on Veterans Day is to honor that very right
and respect the rights of others.
Most of All,
Stand United